Prized misconceptions


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There are many  things or conceptions in our lives that happen regularly. But when we experience somethings that seem surreal to others, we think back to confirm their existence.

I have had some bizarre encounters with my inner self.Soul’s calling??

The first one:

“Maa, I would like to share something”,I gasped with excitement.I wanted to validate my so-called unique episodes.

“I do not get proper sleep whenever I don’t dream”.

“What??”, she,as if mistook my words for something else.

“Yes!! I have never had a tight sleep whenever I did not dream of anything”.  “Does it happen with me alone or its some common stuff that I figured with stupidity”?

“Oh!!It has never happened with me.However don’t worry.You are just overthinking..”,she snubbed me the same way a senior bullies his junior.

“No maa, it is really true.I experience that often and worry if its a problem and need some remedy”.

“Ahh!!no worries.Everything’s fine and all would be good”. I was left in steadfast desperation and contemplation.



The next episode is more chucklesome:

“I hear my heartbeat all through my body,Maa”.This was my revelation after several encounters with it.

“All rubbish talks!!Do you have any other job..It might be your pulse.Hence your assumption”.

“Just listen,Maa..It is not pulse.I get to feel the palpitation of the part of the body where I get to hear the heartbeat clearly. It happens in my head,in my legs,in my hands,sometimes near my stomach!!”.

“Better go to a doctor and reveal whether you have hearts all throughout your body.All nonsense!”. She chuckled from inside and covered it with a starry look and cornered eyes.

I was abandoned like the small kid from the movie ‘Tare Zameen Par’.



I still could not decipher what were the mysteries behind my encounters.They might be my misconceptions.

I leave it to you.






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