A date with my nemesis

A Year ago!

“Heyyy,listen…I saw a treacherous snake today. Five feet long and four inches in diameter!!”, he gave me a sudden attack of fright.

“Hush!!why do you moot such a petrifying subject, it being night? Have your food silently”, my aunt taunted him. I glanced at her with some boldness.

“W-h-h-a-a-t”, my mouth wide open, the morsel not deciding whether to descend or not. “Dada,are you serious?”, taking his words callously.

“Yes bro, I saw it traverse past our badminton court.Be careful when you go”.

I was tormented that whole night with illusions of my nemesis.


Six months later!

“Maa, how’s everything going at Delhi? Heard that Sarada chechi is going to US”.

“Yes,she is leaving for her concert on coming 15th…anyways, where are you?”,she,in a caring tone.

“I am just strolling inside the colony”.

“Maa!!!”, panic-stricken, “I just saw a large venomous snake”, abruptly, shivering, as if I meet death personified.


Two months later!

“Dada!!,I saw a silver lined serpent”, tight breathed, narrating about my horror in the morning.

“Where??”, he, excited more than me.

“At the swimming pool area. It was proximate, a metre away!! It leapt from the other side of the road into the bushes.”

“I am not going to walk on that road again”, in a stern voice.



Looking back…

The thirty second clips bring tremors to my heart every now and then.

I walk with utmost attention on the roads of my colony or places where snakes can be found.

I remember I had not got down from the drawing room sofa for nearly a whole day in lieu of  scare of a snake in the house.

I discontinued riding my bicycle, in my childhood, just because I was informed that a snake lurked near it.

“I would first eliminate all the snakes in the world given a chance to become the creator of the universe”. This was my “Ophidiophobic” mind since childhood.

My so called “phobic” mind takes paramount interest whenever there is a talk on snakes. They render special nostalgia at times.

I see snakes purely as antagonists in my life.


Who knows! We might be having an affiliation since our previous lives…





*chechi – elder sister in malayalam(an Indian language)

*dada – elder brother in bengali(an Indian language), here cousin brother









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