The Six Perfect Shots


Their hands were firmly placed on the pivot point with unyielding sight on the subversives.

As the first bell resonated, six elbows projected out parallel to their shoulders in unison.

The station master, stiff throughout the day, realizing every peaceful moment about the quagmire situation, had tormenting and unassertive dubiety regarding the crucial instant.

At the onset of the second bell,  six shafts whizzed blindly to expunge the reprehensible bodies from their souls.

All commuters, couple of seconds later, instinctively inspected if they were out of sight for a split second, discerning nothing was out of place.

None but one in the station was aware of such an expedition.





Two months ago….at a confidential rendezvous..


“Gesticulation will be your onus”, said the chief , to the station master, his close confidant.

“What’s the plan??”.

“The second indication should be succeeded with the shuttering of all the light equipments in the station, for a moment,  just a split second..”.

“I hope all the officers present here are clear about the plan”, the chief re-affirmed.

“The proceedings will lead to chaos!!”, raised one of the attendees.

“Not at all”, the chief, in confidence, with stern and starry eyes.  “My squad will ensure a hassle free execution”.

“So, how would your troop deal with the bodies of the arsonists?”.

“How can the crew ensure accuracy sightlessly?”.


“It is unknown to me as well, but known only to the warriors”, the chief ended.




What happened in the split second?

                How did the heroes vanish with the arsonists??

                               How is it possible???

Not known!!…Its still a mystery!!!





















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