Two Friends…

A splendid day…

The hill station breezes through the crisp wind… conifers brace for their                     daily dose..

 At a cafeteria...


Body : (ecstatic and tinge of spite) Long time buddy!! Where have you evanesced?

Soul : (a gentle smile) I was omnipresent, never out of the scene…

Soul : (sobs) Does anyone care for me?? Am I there?

Body : (smirks)  People have long overlooked you!! You are not conceded at all.

Soul : (outrage) I am the real one, you cheat!!..

Body : (raised brows) What do you mean??

Soul : (resentment) Your presence is just for a few decades, but still…

Body : (ego) The folks’ exigency remains the five sensibilities and the mind. They work for me. Who needs you?!!

Soul : (pride) They are in need of me…they are illusioned..I am the real consciousness, totes disparate.

Body : (snobbish) Why do they have to identify you, being so titchy??

Soul : (bolder) What would happen when one does so?? Salary shoots up? Marks increase? Life extends? New phone? Movie for free?  or More sleep??

Body : (twinkling eyes) Ahhh!!…I love all these…

Soul : (as a saint) None of these…humanity would experience the elixir of their life in  form of wisdom, compassion, integrity, joy, love, creativity, and peace. The trivial predicaments would dissipate with ease.

Body : (taunts) eeuu…You seem so ticklish!!

Soul :  (stern eyes) I am the purest of the pure…once acquainted, fathomless love rekindles within the hearts, with life.

We must be identifying our true self as the soul stowed deep in our hearts.

Are we?




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